Tantra Room

Welcome to our new Tantric Room

Our new Tantra room is in addition to our 3 massage therapy rooms (which have also had a repaint and newly carpeted) and has been purposely built where our old steam room was.

We have gone to a lot of trouble and expense to bring this new Tantric room to our customers, but can honestly say, its been well worth it. It has been tastefully and authentically decorated to the highest quality using an Asian theme.

Unlike our normal therapy rooms where a Tantric Massage was performed on a couch, in the new room it is performed, like it should be on a Tantic mat. We have Himalayan salt lamps that provide many health benefits including

  • Balance Electromagnetic Radiation.
  • Cleanse, Deodorize, and Purify Air.
  • Calm Allergies and Reduce Asthma.
  • Alleviate Coughing and Other Symptoms of the Common Cold.
  • Boost Blood Flow.
  • Raise Energy Levels.
  • Sharpen Concentration and Performance.
  • Enhance Mood.

There is also a Tantric Aphrodisiac Smudge Incense stick (Smudging is traditionally a ceremony for purifying or cleansing the soul of negative thoughts of a person or place. There are four elements involved in a smudge: The container, traditionally a shell representing water, is the first element. )

And a genuine Lelo Tantric Teaser, and Peacock feather which will enhance your experience and a ceiling light that give off a multi colour glow.

The cost of a Tantric massage using this room is:

I Hour £150

1.5 Hours £220

2 Hours £290

Tantra Room 1
One view of our new room
Tantra Room 2
More photos and a video to come next week
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