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To cope with the increase demand we are thinking of have a second shift on Friday evening from 7.30 pm to 11.30 pm. It would be good if we could have your opinion on this and whether it would work better for you. Comments have been turned on for this post so we can have your opinion, though not all browsers show them, if that is the case please show your support by texting 07864 985079 with your view.



    • Joe M

      Will Riya be working? She’s always so booked up on a Tuesday. Used to love seeing her on a Wednesday but now she’s not working that day. And on a Thursday you only have her on until 5:30. Why have her days and hours been cut, she’s so lovely and one of the best therapist I’ve ever seen and now I don’t get a chance to see her, so haven’t been back.

      • Netmed

        That could be a possibility. Though her days havent been cut, I dont know where you have heard that from. She had 3 day at first but we can only offer the girls two days because every therapist needs a fair crack of the whip. Iam sure she could stay later on a Thursday if you wanted to make a booking.

  • George

    It would be great to have a late shift.

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