Covid – Track and Trace

Covid - Track and Trace 1

As from Monday 14th September the government as advised us that we are legally obligated to take track and trace details from our customers.

This is not something we can enforce or enjoy, but we and our yourself do have an obligation to prevent further spread and a second lock down.

There are two ways this can be done. We have a poster, with a QR code, outside reception, this can be scanned by a a mobile phone QR reader allowing you to fill in a short form and send your details directly tho the NHS. Your details will then be held for 21 days then destroyed.

Alternatively, we have a sort form at reception that you can fill in at the time. We will also hold these details for 21 days, after which time it also be destroyed. In both cases these details will never be shared or passed on to any third party and you will not be contacted by us or any government resources unless there is a medical need.

We thank you for you cooperation in this and hope by your assistance we can rid the country of this dreadfull virus.

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